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Thermal Imaging Diagnostics 

Thermal / Infrared inspections for industrial structures and buildings. These inspections can be used to identify defects and leakages in piping, shafts and other metal or plastic parts. Also, they provide a fast and reliable method for the evaluation of solar panel performance and condition, both during the production process as well as during operation. Finally they can be used for thermal optimization of buildings, by analyzing the energy losses of the structure, thus leading to significant cost savings.


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Precision Agriculture 

Agricultural surveillance and monitoring, where a UAV equipped with a multi-spectral sensor automatically produces high-accuracy georeferenced images that can be processed, with algorithms like NDVI, in order to provide near infrared (NIR) plant reflectance measurements. These measurements are a key indicator of the crop condition, and allow farmers to observe the health of their crops, identify weeds and pests, and predict yields. This provides a powerful tool for maximizing the fields’ yield, while simultaneously minimizing costs and significantly reducing the time required for canvassing the crop in person.