Commercial Aerial Surveillance 2015-03-02

Technical Inspections 

Aerial inspections on technical installations that offer significant advantages over traditional inspection methods by reducing costs, minimizing operational downtime and removing the risks of work related accidents, since there is no longer the need for crews to work at heights. Inspection times on network and infrastructure assets can be greatly reduced, as OWLEYES UAVs cover large areas in short time, and can easily access hard to reach locations that would otherwise require the use of scaffolding / ladders / cradles etc. which are both time consuming and expensive to set-up.

Commercial Aerial Surveillance 2015-03-02

Site Supervision 

Work progress monitoring and reporting with the use of high accuracy GPS systems. OWLEYES UAVs can be programmed to follow a specific path through precise GPS coordinates. This route can then be replicated at any desired intervals, which allows for the progress of the works to be captured from exactly the same location over the course of the project. Additionally, it can be used in combination with OWLEYES volumetric measurement systems, thus creating a powerful tool for operations monitoring in quarries and mines.

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3D Modeling 

Generation of high precision (1cm / pixel) three dimensional models that can be processed by a wide range of GIS and CAD software systems. This provides great benefits in a wide variety of industries such as Mining, Architecture, Precision Agriculture, Construction, Archaeology and more.

Commercial Aerial Surveillance drone_academy


Volumetric measurements with sub-millimeter accuracy can be produced. This, among various other applications, provides quarries and mines with an extremely precise and cost efficient tool for monitoring their production volumes without the use of expensive, time consuming and often inaccurate topographic surveys.

Commercial Aerial Surveillance drone_academy2

Georeferenced Orthophotography

Production of geometrically corrected aerial photographs that can be processed by any GIS software or Google Earth, and can be a great tool in topography, construction planning, surveying and many more.

Commercial Aerial Surveillance drone_academy3

Disaster Relief 

Immediate response for disaster relief, disaster area mapping and damage evaluation. In most cases, it is impossible for emergency crews to reach the disaster stricken area for a significant amount of time. OWLEYES UAVs allow emergency crews to scan the area for survivors and assess which places need to be reached first, thus helping gain valuable time. Also, OWLEYES UAVs, equipped with infrared sensors, are extremely useful for search and rescue missions, where they provide the ability to locate a missing person by detecting the heat given off by its body, and even deliver a potentially lifesaving first aid kit to sustain the person until the rescuers reach its location. OWLEYES will never charge a fee and will always provide its assistance for free in any of the above situations.